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Every romantic moment is encapsulated with this fragance

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3 Places to Visit in Montreal During the Weekend

  1. Old Montreal
  2. Montreal Botanical Gardens
  3. Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

Last weekend we did a short road trip to this amazing city to celebrate my birthday. I’ve been there a few times before so I want to share with you this experience. You can visit many places in Montreal during a weekend, and the best thing is that it’s just a 6 hour-drive from Toronto!

Old Montreal (Vieux Montreal)

The city has a unique European Style that captivates the view of anyone. There are fours ways to get from to Old Montreal, either by subway, bus, taxi or simply by foot. On our first day we drove there and parked in at Complex Desjardins which is the closest mall. Alternatively, you can walk to “Vieux- Montreal” and find a spot in the street. On Sunday because of the Bike Tour we couldn’t use our car, so we took the subway to Place-d’Armes.

We spent most of our Sunday eating, visiting and exploring the most important historical buildings such as Quartier International of Montreal and walking around its pretty streets at Ville-Marie and Bonsecour Market

In a previous trip we have visited the famous Notre-Dame, however this time we found out there is a free tour of the “Notre_dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel” which lets you walk up to the roof top and enjoy the most amazing views of “Rue-Port-Of-Montreal”

Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanique)

Located just minutes from downtown Montreal and near the Biodome at the northern Plateau Mont-Royal, we strolled around this beautiful place, including the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. A quick note: my husband read an article that said 50 Chinese labour men built out this authentic Chinese Garden which is a genuine replica of this amazing garden. w.Wthout words is a great experience to live!! In every corner you can feel the sensation your are at China. Walking straight ahead you will face a Japanese garden, that is a quiet with many typical Japanese decoration around the pods.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

It is an uphill minor basilica in Montreal, Quebec. You can access by car, there is free parking at the top or by bus service provided. The modern and majestic church was one of the highlight of our visit to mont Royal this time. Very peaceful and serene inside. However the opposite outside since you can enjoy of the young people goes to see the sunset many groups enjoining the panoramic view of the city. It is worth seeing!!.

Hopefully this short road trip could be your guide in your next road trip.

With love


My favourite Christmas places to visit in Toronto

It is a long-time without blogging . Well, is never too late to do what you love. In this opportunity, I want to share my last experience visiting my three favourite places during this Christmas season here in Toronto.

Winter Festival at Canada Wonderland


It is a totally new experience and for all that we enjoyed the fee is way worth it and affordable (around $30). We felt like we were living a beautiful experience – similar to Disney World with all the magic – right here in our own city. Many lights around, performers in every corner, a couple rides operating, plus lots of Instagrammable spots, including it a ginger spot, candy alley, giant Xmas decoration balls, a nutcracker band, and carolers! If you ask me if this was a worthwhile experience… I will say: totally yes! It’s an amazing experience and we all loved it, both my husband and child. We run into scrooge, so fun!

1. Lighting tree ceremony, We came on opening night, more exactly the last week in November. Just in time for the lighting tree ceremony which takes place around 5:00 pm and includes a great performance by a group of singers 


2. Santa Claus magical moment. My child enjoyed a lot, he took his time to write a letter to Santa and recently we were surprised as we received a response letter from Santa himself!

3. Toy factory show at the main theatre. Can’t miss! This 30-minute play takes place in an indoor theatre with great actors and amazing stunts

Glow Toronto

img_0562We celebrated the Christmas vibes at this roofed village under the twinkle of a million lights. We enjoyed the many attraction this place offers, including interactive light gardens, playgrounds, a teddy bear area, hanging lights light tunnel, and yes, drinks that light up in a light bulb! There is also live music, lots of food stalls and other Christmas- themed stuff. The venue is huge and is considered the world’s largest indoor holiday festival.

Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District

img_9283_originalFor our family, going to the market is an annual tradition, since we moved to Toronto about eight years ago. I believe we never have skipped it. We enjoy a lot the Xmas spirit as we stroll through the many alleys, gaze the enormous Christmas tree – beautifully decorated – the always amazing shops, and top-notch restaurants. We like wrapping up our tour of the market with a visit to Balzac’s Coffee where we enjoy a hot chocolate or latte.


My favorite coffee shops at the 6ix

img_4839Coffee, tea, or latte time. Is it a need or a wish?. Well, I am not sure at all, but am always looking forward to it.

I’ve been visiting some places in Toronto. Sometimes I would be looking for a refreshing drink but honestly, this habit has turned into an activity that helps me discover great spots where I can take cool pictures which I then use for my feed. This is a great opportunity to share information about new places to visit as well as new experiences with family & friends. Am I the only one? I don’t think so…

I would like to share with you some cute places. Hopefully, you might find this information useful next time you venture out to experience the 6ix. I know there are thousands of fancy coffee shops around but this is only a list of my favourite spots, the ones I have had the chance to visit so far.  img_3709

No matter what season is, our preference is the same all year long. My youngest usually would order hot chocolate, my hubby goes with a dark roast and I go for a matcha or chai tea latte. In my case, always served with almond or coconut milk. Please keep this a secret; regular milk kills my stomach!

My top five coffee shops and … the fanciest (in my humble opinion):

1. Balzac – 43 Hanna Avenue


We frequently go to the Distillery District where we usually stop at Balzac, one of the many in this great chain of coffee shops. Also, at the District we normally check out whatever fair or market is around, eat at a restaurant, attend events or simply stroll around. This time, we decided to visit a different Balzac location, the one in Liberty Village. In my opinion, this is the prettiest of all three, plus, it is 100% Instagramable. The floor tiles makes it really cute with its colours and design. The tables and high chairs by the big windows are a special spot to take incredible flat layouts as natural light perfectly fills this corner of the building. There is also a gorgeous view from the street outside as well as every wall of this coffee shop. I definitely love matcha tea latte and I’ve been trying it in many different places so I can say this one was really GOOD.


2. Jimmy’s Coffee – 15 Ossington Avenue


We went to a new location which is minutes away from the “The Great Hall Palace”.  The best coffee in my humble opinion. I am not a coffee connoisseur, but my hubby knows a thing or two and has a good notion of what coffee is good or not to taste. He really loved the coffee here. This place is also so cute, definitely a cozy workspace for students and meetings. There is a pretty fireplace in the center of the social area with a lights cascade. From there you can appreciate the large and comfortable seating area. I also liked the offer free WiFi for guests. You can definitely spend some quality time with your friends for long hours without any pushing, all because the environment is simply warm for everyone. It’s a great place to take amazing photos, for instance, the bar in the front near to the street window, the seating area with a huge bookshelf by the fireplace, or simply the middle of the hall. The decoration is also amazing a comes with its own style. 100% Instagramable place.

3. Boxcar social,


This coffee shop, in particular, is the kind of place you can hang out all day long. It offers a perfect combination of stools and wood banquettes for seating. When it’s freezing outside during the cold season, they serve the most exquisite hot chocolate, which is smooth and very choco. During the evening, they serve some wines and even a charcuterie board. They also have an enormous list of whiskeys. I have never tried their cocktails but they offer a large variety. Something special caught my attention and that is a large display collection on a wall in a beautiful rack. In my opinion, this place is 100% Instagramable, every corner is pretty. The walls on the seating area are also beautiful and very well painted. The washroom doors are crazy, so don’t forget to check them out.

4. Mövenpick Cafe Toronto – 42 Yonge St.


It’s a chic and warmly-lit European cafe in downtown Toronto. They have a decent selection of pastries, salads, sandwiches & coffee. When I read the profile on their website I thought: should I go there? absolutely yes! So we went for a coffee after Mother’s Day lunch celebration. My adorable children spoiled me a lot that day and we wrapped up our time together at this very spot. To be honest,  it felt like an authentic expression of French style in the heart of the city.  And yeah, it’s not a big place but still an enjoyable and charming spot! 100% Instagramable with beautiful tables for flat- layout photos, surrounded by great decorations on every wall.


5. Dineen Coffe.co, 140 Yonge St.


The building is one of the oldest structures in Toronto. In fact, it’s listed as a Toronto Heritage Property. They offer plenty of options, including coffees, teas, and iced drinks. It’s a great excuse to make the trek to Toronto and experience the city from one of the most beautiful corners downtown. We went with my hubby and youngest as part of our ritual to end the weekend, after a photo shooting day downtown. We also enjoyed delicious pastries there. Without a doubt, Dineen is a place to take amazing pics for your IG feed.

With love


Please leave your comments about your favourite coffee shop experience… I promise I will visit as soon as I can!





La Candelaria

In the very heart of Bogota lies its historic center, La Candelaria. It can be recognized for its colourful houses, beautiful views of the mountains around the neighborhood, red rooftops and bell towers. But this is not all. La Candelaria has more.

  1. Plaza de Bolivar. Translated to English it would something like “Bolivar Square”. It’s Bogota’s grand central square where you can admire historical landmarks, with beautiful architecturally imposing buildings such as Palacio de Justicia, and enjoy free cultural activities and music concerts. Crowning the plaza you will find the National Cathedral which is a Roman Catholic church building located on the eastern side of Plaza de Bolivar.img_6649
  2. Chorro de Quevedo. It is most likely to be the first Spanish settling of the city where its founder, Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, had 12 houses built along with a small chapel. This area is both residential and commercial, with plenty of colonial houses as well as restaurants and bars.
  3. Hotel de la Opera,Located among the Colon theater and Manuelita Saenz house is one of the colonial hotels in the city, historic building with bright and spacious public areas,6a7647aa-164d-4a13-907d-5db26736b29f you can enjoy a panoramic view over the rooftops and bell towers in El Mirador.There is live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Enjoy exquisite Mediterranean cuisine at La Scala.
  4. Bolivar Square and the National Cathedral are only 2 blocks away. Several classic churches from the 16th century, Botero Museum and the Gold Museum can be reached after a short walk.
  5. Graffiti walking tours, we were surprised with the new amount of art along the sidewalks. It was just so pretty and colorful. small alleys and sidewalks had drawings and messages on.Museums, Museo del Oro contains the largest gold collection in South America, also Museo Botero with his own private collection the paintings and sculptures of renowned Colombian artist Botero you can appreciate some Picasso, Claude Monet, Chagall and Henri Matisse. It is free.My final note: If you want to enjoy the most amazing panoramic views of the city just go to Mount Monserrate.

Ottawa has more ..

img_5147Road tripping in Ottawa with some of my favourite boys. I missed my older children but as those of you who are parents know, when they are old enough, they make their own plans. That’s why we’re making the most out of our time with our youngest, while we can.

I had been to Ottawa before but this time it was a completely impromptu trip.

Here are some of the stops we made and the activities we enjoyed in this beautiful city

First Stop: Tulip Festival at Commissioners Park

During May, this park becomes a parade of the most gorgeous colours. Tulips of many colours. Yellow, orange, red, fuchsia… you name it. All this beauty surrounds Dow’s Lake which makes of this place a great spot for photography while both locals and visitors stroll along as they answer spring’s call.

Second Stop: Canadian Museum of History

We started our visit at the Canadian Children’s Museum. It was a pleasant surprise as we all loved every corner of it. Essentially, children are embarked into a world trip as they visit different regions and stamp their passports along the way. My son had a lot of fun hopping on the Pakistani bus with looked amazing with all its décor. We had a lot of fun as we browsed the many recreations of streets in India, Thailand, Mexico, and Egypt. Children also have the chance to play around with toys and games from all the countries on display. This is definitely one of those one of a kind experiences that encourage children to explore the world and grow their interest for other cultures.

We spent our next two hours touring the rest of the main exhibits, starting by the Great Hall and its magnificent totem poles. This is an open area with great architecture. A space that really caught our attention and also served as an introduction to the following exhibitions.

Right after the Great Hall we spent some quality time browsing the First People and Canadian History Halls. Basically, it’s a walk through of our country’s history from the very beginning up until the modern age. It was fascinating to discover many unknow facts about the history of our country and the great people that have been behind it.

Third Stop: Downtown Ottawa is an area full of landmarks, all within walking distance. Parliament Hill, Rideau Canal, the Peace Tower and the National War Memorial are just a few of them.

Gothic-style architecture is predominant in most buildings. This time, we toured some of the buildings at night and some others during the day, which gave me a very different perspectiveof the city.



Where to eat

Benny’s Bistro: Best brunch in town! The long wait was way worth it as everything we ordered was delicious, and we loved the freshness of the ingredients. One of the best kept secrets in the Byward Market.

Evo Greek: Great spot for dinner in Little Italy, near Commissioners Park. Their seafood is top notch and serving sizes are generous. Best of all, their staff was very welcoming, and the atmosphere truly special.

The French Baker: This place has been voted as Ottawa’s best croissants by The New York Times. Their desserts are also out of this world! I like how they offer healthy options as they use whole ingredients, with no added fat or sugar and very low in salt. Conveniently located in the Byward Market, in the same building as Benny’s Bistro.

Well, that’s all for today.

Hope you like it!

With love



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Mother’s Gift Ideas


Perhaps I’m not a regular mom. Actually, I consider myself a COOL mom and today I want to share some gift ideas that could inspire you for this Mother’s Day.

Before I go through my list, I want to say that my favorite Mother’s Day moments have been when my children wake me up with a homemade breakfast, flowers, and a handmade card. That’s truly irreplaceable. They make me feel so special with their love gestures and handcrafted cards.

As my children have grown so has the guide changed. That said, the list below is grouped into five categories. From these (and my own life experiences) I hope you can get some inspiration!

1. Spa Time

Those who know me would tell you that I love everything about spas, including massages, facial and body treatments. Personally, I believe this is the “me time” that every mom absolutely needs and deserves. From those I know, the ones below are my favorite spas. And believe me, I wouldn’t recommend a place that I didn’t enjoy. So go ahead and pamper your mom!

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  • The Clinica. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit this calm and beautiful place for a facial spa. A week later I came back for another treatment. From my own experience, I can say the skin specialists are amazing, they are very specific about the details involved in the treatment and how these ultimately benefit your skin. The Clinica is a peaceful and pleasant place, is absolutely amazing, strongly recommended. Each treatment is formulated with innovative ingredients and effective compounds. I checked their website and there’s a promotion for Mother’s Day –  “Buy one facial, get the second one free” – you can read my previous post about my experience in The Clinica.
  • Rosewater Spa. A place of serenity dedicated to offering massages, facial spas, manicure, pedicure, and sauna. It’s listed as one of Canada’s Top 25 Spas. This is where my hubby and I go for our massage therapy. Their therapists are true pros who make sure you walk out of their place feeling renewed. They would also give us some tips on exercises we can do at home to improve our back health.
  • Pure + Simple. My last experience with a facial spa took place here and was pretty good. The staff was pleasant. The place is very clean and beautiful. Pure + Simple has various locations in Toronto and Mississauga.



2. Flower, plants & handmade cards

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  • Fleur de Reine. Nothing more appealing than long-lasting flowers for mom. Their ‘Eternal Bloom’ Roses last up to a year.
  • Teleflora. Canada-wide flower delivery, all bouquets are professionally arranged by a florist and hand-delivered to your door.
  • Bloomex. Online store offering fresh-cut flowers & gourmet gift baskets. If you’re looking for high-quality at affordable prices this might be the place to go. Plus, if you’re in Toronto, they offer same-day delivery.

While I haven’t had any experience buying from these stores, I spent some time doing some research and these are definitely the most popular for Mother’s Day.  If you’re looking for more options, I would suggest you find a seasonal plant or fresh-cut bunch of flowers from your nearest florist or supermarket (e.g. Sobeys, Fortinos, Longos, etc.).

From my personal gallery, here are some of my favorite moments when I’ve gotten handmade cards and flowerpots.


3. Brunch or Dinner

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  • The Keg Steakhouse. Can’t go wrong with this one. Great food, awesome atmosphere, and outstanding service. Their menu offers plenty of options for everyone thus making it a great option for Mother’s Day lunch or dinner.
  • Cibo Wine Bar. A truly authentic Italian wine bar and a perfect spot for Mother’s Day Brunch. They have locations in midtown Toronto and Yorkville. Just make sure you book a table before it’s too late and treat your mom to her favourite meal.
  • Baro Restaurant. Located in the King West area, this restaurant offers traditional Latin cuisine, yet completely reimagined. Nice atmosphere too. They will be offering mothers a complimentary glass of prosecco to celebrate their day of honor. For more details check out their website – barotoronto.com

    4. Some special gifts such as makeup sets

    A must-have for any mom. Clinique, L’Oreal, and Nude by Nature, these are some of the makeup brands I’ve been wearing during my life. This season they are offering special sets for Mother’s Day, either online or in-store. Recently, I took advantage of some cool deals myself. For example, for purchases over $55 Clinique is offering a free tote bag. There are also limited-edition products from L’Oreal and Nude by Nature in light of Mother’s Day, many of them including giveaways through their Instagram accounts.

    5. Accessories

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    I love accessories and these days hair clips are a trend, I’ve seen both young and older moms wearing those. Also, consider a tote bag – they never go out of style – a pair of sunglasses – always needed- or a special necklace or charms – what a cute gift. All these will come in handy as we honor our moms in their special day!

    mothers day gift ideas

Miracle Cocktail




Recently, I was the happy winner of what is known as a Miracle Cocktail treatment. Offered by The Clinica – a chic spa in north Toronto – a Miracle Cocktail is essentially a facial skin rejuvenation treatment. I won this thanks to a giveaway promoted by @liatyomanchic, a Toronto lifestyle blogger who I’m lucky to follow. That being said, I’m thrilled to tell you a little bit about my experience. My skin specialist was Tracy. She was great and very specific about the details involved in the treatment and how these ultimately benefit your skin.

A screen skin assessment is the first step in the process. It’s aimed at addressing your skin concerns and identifying potential treatment areas. you put your face on that screen for 3 minutes and they take several screenshoots of your face to detect your needs.  You are unique and so is your skin. 

  1. Personalized Formula Cocktail (skin care treatment) right for your skin needs. Tracy says that every drop is formulated according to your desired results and goals while relieving skin conditions such as redness, pigmentation, laxity, dryness, aging, and acne.img_4270
  2. Facial cleansing and exfoliation applying a pineapple and papaya product – smells delicious – which contains a little acid that helps boost the exfoliation process and prepare the skin for a micro needling treatment. 
  3. Skin Channelling. A technique involving the use of a stamp with a bunch of tiny needles that open superficial but tiny holes thus allowing the serum to penetrate deeper into your epidermis. Basically, the purpose behind Skin Channeling is to enable the custom blend formula to be deeply absorbed by the dermis.
    This video doesn’t exist


What to Expect

The treatment triggers the release of natural growth factors while activating the growth of new and healthy skin tissue. Tighter, firmer pores and hydrated glowing are noticeable within the first 24 hours. Results can last up for a couple of months depending on your own skincare routine.


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What to do in a resort



Our experience took place in a resort called Viva Wyndham Maya in Playa del Carmen. After all, we were aiming to take a break from the busier Cancun and explore the Mayan ruins. Thus, we decided to spend a couple of days in the resort to kick back, eat and sleep.

As you may know, resorts offer plenty of activities to choose from, depending on your own preferences and mood. Here’s some of the things you can do during the day and in the evening:

Under the sunimg_2694

  1. Enjoying food in general, either breakfast, lunch or dinner when time is on your side, is a great pleasure. Even more so if you’re enjoying a nice conversation with your partner, family members or friends.

At home, I usually have to wake up early to make my own food. Therefore, there’s nothing more relaxing for me than having a long sleep and then wake up realizing that there’s a buffet-style restaurant waiting for you with the most delicious food and with so many options. There is something that we really appreciated in that place which is the freshness of food and the variety of dishes from all over the world.

The facilities are a plus as they offer endless possibilities, including exploring the resort, enjoying water activities, or simply having fun by the pool or beach. Personally, I would spend my leisure time reading, tanning and having a drink. Sometimes napping would suffice, while getting a tan. My partner and I would enjoy the beach in many ways, either playing volleyball, windsurfing, bodyboarding, or just walking along the shoreline after lunch or before going to bed.

Exploring nearby places is always a great idea wherever you go. Riviera Maya offers plenty of options, including Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Xcaret just to name a few. Consider booking a guided tour if that’s your preference. Also, browsing local shops are part of what it means exploring new cultures or traditions.

Under the moon

img_2715Be ready for the night changing your mood. Get dressed for success, feel fabulous and look forward to having an amazing experience every night. Here’s three things to do:

  1. Enjoying the taste of each particular cuisine and letting yourself be immersed in each restaurant’s concept is a great experience. At Viva Wyndham Maya, booking dinner at specialty restaurants is required, preferably a couple of days in advance. Also, bear in mind there are some limitations in terms the number of restaurants you can dine. We enjoyed the following:

* Portofino: Mediterranean-style a-la-carte restaurant. An inviting and relaxed contemporary ambience decorated with nautical elements. A perfect atmosphere to enjoy intimate moments and sample exquisite cuisine. Here’s where we had our 10th anniversary dinner celebration.

* Xul-Ha: Mexican specialties. Its ambiance evokes the culture of the Mayan tribes and the menu options are quite exotic. We spent a beautiful couple of evenings there.img_2712

* Bamboo: Asian a-la-carte dining with an exotic atmosphere. This was our choice on our first night at the resort.img_2724


  1. The options are endless; theme parties, clubs, bars, pubs, you name it. As with all-inclusive resorts, night shows are also offered to guests. Also, a good thing about Viva Wyndham Maya is that you can walk over to nearby Wyndham Azteca and enjoy its facilities.

When it comes to nightlife in Playa del Carmen, you can’t miss world-famous Coco Bongo. This was quite an experience for us, a show and a party, all in one place. Basically, we’re talking about Vegas– style entertainment in a Latin style fiesta ambiance. We spent four hours having the most incredible fun, which is the duration of the show, all in our feet. You have to experience it yourself firsthand!img_2700


  1. Walking under moon. As a couple, walking is one our favourites to do when we’re together and what a better spot for a stroll than beautiful Riviera Maya at night. Sometimes strolls would be preceded by some drinks (cocktails, wine) and snacks at the pool bar, which by the way, are unlimited.

During this trip, we had the opportunity to meet a couple from Argentina who made our evening very pleasant. They shared with us a bottle of the most exquisite red wine which they brought from home as well as “alfajores”, a classic Argentinian treat. We spoke for hours about everything, including politics, culture, dreams, etc. It felt like we were old friends although we actually met in the beach that same day. By the way, we’re still in touch through social media. I hope to meet with them again here in Canada or maybe Argentina. (Hey Caro, if you ever read this blog let me know by leaving a comment!).

Well, that’s all… Leave your comments and tell me what topics would you like to read!

With Love 💕


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24 hours in Cancun

img_0661In the last minute we decided to rent a car and head directly to Cancun. A simple decision as it’s just an hour drive from Playacar. Initially, the plan was to go there with a guided tour offered by our resort but after considering some options we decided to go on our own.

Near our resort we found a branch of Enterprise. The night before our excursion we rented a car for 24 hours and then early on Wednesday we hit the road after having a delicious and varied breakfast in the resort.img_0788img_3351

We headed directly to Cancun an made our first stop at Delfines Beach as we were looking forward to taking a picture with the Cancun sign. This spot is famous for its beautiful views of the city and beaches. We were not surprised to see a long line of people – mostly tourists – waiting to take a picture with the sign. Since the wait was getting long, a couple who was ahead of us had the smart idea of offering those on the front to help them take their pics in order to speed up things. The line actually started moving and soon we were taking to long-awaited pic!

The beach has a lot of local stores selling all types of fruit including green mangos. It’s common to see groups of friends or families taking pics with the blue ocean on the background. This is clearly a spot favourited by locals. Plus, washrooms are available everywhere you go! My husband and I went for a stroll and really enjoyed this place despite the intense heat.

Later we drove to Plaza La Isla, a nice mall that opened recently. It’s a large place with many stores, many of them international brands.

As we strolled around, we ended up having lunch in La Parrilla, a nice spot facing the harbour which serves traditional Yucateca dishes. As you may expect, food was bit spicy, but I managed to wash it all down thanks to a giant glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. While having our food one of the servers offered to take a pic which we gladly accepted. Minutes later, our server showed up with the framed pic asking for USD$15. We went with the non-framed version for $10 which made a nice souvenir. The place was decorated with traditional Mexican elements, including flowers, banners and flags . Also, a couple of servers were fashioning traditional Mexican dresses. Service was excellent as usual with many restaurants in the area.

We spent the next hour strolling through the mall and doing some shopping. My hubby got a pair of sunglasses and I was able to get a hold of a nice pair of Tous earrings, which I wouldn’t be able to find in Canada as they don’t have any stores in the country. Can someone tell me why?

Following our mall experience, we explored Punta Cancun, one of the busiest areas in town. The area is full of options for entertainment, food and drinks. One of them is Hard Rock Café, a Cancun staple where we made a stop to refresh our throats.I went with a brownie ice cream, my husband decided for a giant chocolate milkshake. Right beside us was Coco Bongo, one of the most popular entertainment experiences in this part of Mexico, famous for their great musical performances and massive parties. I’ll write a post about this one describing our experience in more detail.

Before we drove back to Playacar, we did a quick tour of the hotel strip. Usually this is something offered by almost all hotel chains. Essentially, you buy a daily pass that would give you access the hotel and let you enjoy its public areas. We were lucky as the day we did the tour there was no fee (typically it costs about $30 per person to visit each hotel, food and drinks not included). Some of the best hotels we toured included Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott. Each hotel employed a different concept; the first one elegant and glamorous, the latter one more charming, modern and fresh. This is my own personal opinion, or at least how I felt about them. Not an expert on the matter to be honest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the Ritz Carlton, you get a glimpse of Caribbean flowers welcoming you as you take your first steps into its elegant lobby. The guest receiving area is full of fine decoration, in the classic style. As I toured the lobby area, I came across a hostess who invited me to visit the Fantino room.

Her staff was hosting a function that evening and I was able to go around this beautiful room filled with classic European-style furniture. The hostess and I had been speaking English for about five minutes when we found out both of us spoke Spanish. How funny is that!



Visiting the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa was a charming experience. I was welcomed by a huge and beautiful floral basket placed in the middle of the lobby. Further down in the lounge area, I had a great time chilling out while listening to a great singer and her piano. This spacious lobby features multiple seating options perfect for meeting and catching up with friends. Also, the lounge bar offered breathtaking views of the ocean surrounded by white sand and rows of palm trees.

One of the aspects I liked the most about this hotel were the many restaurant and spa options it offers, along with a little shopping mall selling all types of Maya crafts, clothing and jewelry. Check out the link below for more photos.


After a busy but happy day, we drove back to Playacar, arriving just in time for dinner at the resort.

By the way .. This is my first blog…Happy New Year!

Love, Andrea

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Thank you!. 

24 horas en Cancun.


En el último minuto decidimos rentar en carro para dirigirnos directamente a Cancún. Fue fácil tomar la decisión ya que es a una hora manejando desde Playacar. Inicialmente, el plan era tomar un tour guiados de los que ofrecen en el hotel, después de revisar algunas opciones decidimos ir por nuestra propia cuenta.

Cerca a nuestro resort encontramos una sucursal de Enterprise. La noche anterior a nuestra excursión rentamos un carro por 24 horas, entonces bien temprano tomamos la ruta después de saborear un delicioso y variado desayuno en el resort, (No se logran imaginar la delicia de comida y sobre todo la variedad, es absolutamente increíble). Nos dirigimos hacia esta ciudad e hicimos nuestra primera parada en la Playa de los Delfines, estábamos buscando el letreo de la palabra Cancún. Este lugar es bastante turístico y famoso por su bella vista de la ciudad y su playa. La verdad no nos sorprendimos con la fila tan larga de personas, en su mayoría turistas, esperando para tomar su turno para tomarse una foto con la señal como recuerdos. Ya que la fila estaba bastante demorada una pareja que estaba delante de nosotros tuvieron una brillante idea se pudieron al frente de la señal ye empezaron a tomar fotos a todos para que la fila se moviera más rápido, y así fue la fila se movió super rápido, yo penaba menos mal esta pareja estaban atrás de nosotros, porque apenas ellos se tomaron la suya se fueron y volvió el caos.

Esta playa tiene bastantes tienditas con todo tipo de frutas incluido el mango verde en tiras con miel y sal, (en Canada no se ve), es muy común ver grupo de amigos o familias tomando fotos con el mar azul como fondo, así que nosotros nos apuntamos e hicimos la nuestra foto también. Claramente nos dimos cuenta de que es un lugar favorito para la gente local, ósea la que vive allí en su rato libre se dirigen a descansa en esa playa. Un buen punto es que tienen baños públicos bastante limpios en todo lado. Estuvimos caminando con mi esposo alrededor de la playa a lo largo del camino y pasamos un tiempo bastante agradable a pesar del fuerte calor.

Mas tarde manejamos hacia la Plaza la Isla, es un centro comercial bastante chévere, grande bonito y recién abierto con muchas tiendas, muchas de estas tiendas son marcas internacionales, que le dan un poco de estatus al centro comercial. Almorzamos en un lugar que se llama la Parilla típico restaurante mexicano, que ofrece su tradicional cocina al estilo yucateca. ¡Como se podía esperar la comida picante pero deliciosa y con una a super gigante limonada fresca y recién hecha, que delicia! Mientras almorzábamos una persona del restaurante se acercó un nos ofreció tomarnos una foto la cual encantados aceptamos, como algunos sabe a mí me encanta las fotos (hacer memorias) en un par de minutos luego se acercó con la foto en un marco que costaba $ 15 dólares y decidimos tomarla sin el marco que costo $ 10, aquello del peso en la maleta. un lindo recuerdo.  El lugar bastante bien decorado al mejor estilo mexicano, vivo lleno de colores, flores, banderines y estandartes, unas meseras vestidas con sus hermosos trajes tradicionales. El servicio excelente como es usual en esta zona de restaurantes.

Pasamos la siguiente hora recorriendo el centro comercial y haciendo algunas compras. Mi esposo consiguió un par de gafas y yo, la verdad entre a una promoción de la tienda de Tous y compre un par de aretes, por alguna razón aquí en Canada no están estas tiendas así que no podía perder la oportunidad. ¿Alguien me explica porque no hay?

Enseguida de nuestra experiencia en el mall, exploramos Punta Cancún, una de las áreas más llenas de la ciudad. Esta área está llena de muchos lugares de entretenimiento, comida y bebidas. Una de ellas es Hard Rock Café, donde hicimos una parada para refrescarnos y de paso me pedí un delicioso helado con brownie son mis favoritos y mi esposo pidió una malteada de chocolate. Justo atrás de nosotros está ubicado un Coco Bongo, una de las más populares experiencias de entretenimiento conocida en esta parte de México, famoso por sus presentaciones y las super megas fiestas… más adelante escribiré un blog sobre este espectacular lugar y la experiencia vivida allí.

Antes de dirigirnos hacia Playacar, hicimos un rápido recorrido en la línea de hotelera. Usualmente esto lo ofrecen todas o casi todas las cadenas de hoteles, Esencialmente, se compra un boleto por día que te da acceso al hotel y con la posibilidad de disfrutar de las zonas públicas del hotel. Estuvimos muy de buenas, justo ese día no había tarifa, (normalmente cuestan un promedio de $30 dólares por persona para visitar cada hotel, comida y bebida no están incluidas). Algunos de los hoteles que conocimos son el Ritz Carlton y el JW Marriott. Cada hotel tiene un concepto diferente; El primero es elegante y glamuroso, el otro más encantador, moderno y fresco. Esto es mi opinión cada uno, con sus gustos, (je, je) eso fue lo que yo vi y al menos lo que sentí, no soy una experta en decoración de hoteles para ser honesta.

En el Hotel Ritz Carlton, una entrada decorada con unas flores caribeñas dándote la bienvenida en un elegante lobby. El área de bienvenida para los invitados o huéspedes es super elegante en estilo clásico con fina decoración. Mientras estaba en el área del lobby fui invitada a pasar a una de las glamurosas salas la Fantino. Estaban realizando un evento esa tarde i tuve el chance de entrar y poder apreciar toda la decoración en detalle para cada mesa, floreros, vajillas amoblado por un clásico estilo europeo.  La anfitriona y yo estuvimos hablando por unos cinco minutos en inglés, hasta cuando nos dimos cuenta obviamente que ambas podíamos hablar español. ¡Que chistoso fue esto!

Visitando el otro hotel el JW Marriott Cancún Resort & Spa también fue una encantadora experiencia, la bienvenida es con un hermoso arreglo floral en medio del vestíbulo. Mas adelante en el área de estar, tuve un tiempo para charlar, tomar algo y escuchar una melodía al son del cantante tocando el piano. Este espacio tiene múltiples opciones para sentarse bastantes cómodas; perfectas para reunirse y pasar un rato agradable con los amigos. También desde el bar se puede apreciar una increíble vista que te quita el aliento, es estar en medio del azul del mar, con sus playas blancas, rodeada de unas palmeras largas y hermosas que brilla sus hojas verdes. ¡¡Me enamore!!


One of the aspects I liked the most about this hotel were the many restaurant and spa options it offers, along with a little shopping mall selling all types of Maya crafts, clothing and jewelry. Uno de los aspectos que más me gusto fue la opción de varios restaurantes y el hermoso spa que ofrecen junto con un centro comercial interno que ofrece todo el tipo de artesanía Maya, ropa y joyas. Chequea este enlace para apreciar más fotos.


Después de un día bastante agitado, regresamos a nuestro resort en Playa del Carmen, justo a tiempo para la cena.

A propósito, Este es mi primer artículo, Así que Feliz año!

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Top 10 things to see & do in NYC during Christmas


We’re back home after enjoying a memorable Christmas in NYC as a family. I would like to share on this post a few of the things we did because, at the end, it was worth it. I would like to tell you about some of the new dining spots we discovered as well as a handful of nice spots for a good stroll.

We absolutely loved exploring NYC during this Christmas season. Being in such a gorgeous city, there are a ton of things to do and see, so here are the 10 must-go places (more to come in January) …

  1. Radio City Music Hall.

    We got tickets for the Christmas Spectacular featuring the world-famous Rockettes. Usually, a good pair tickets would range between $350-450 each, but thanks to the TKTS booth in Times Square we were able to get same-day tickets for a fraction of said price. The show was nothing short of magical with the Rockettes bringing their best performance to the stage.



    Please see  the Giants Christmas ornaments ( balls) are located in front of the Radio City at the America Av. ( 6th Avenue).

  2. Lotte New York Palace.img_0742-1

    Right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan you will find one of the most famous Christmas trees at the New York Palace Hotel. This stunning tree is located on the main entrance on Madison Avenue, one of the best in town. Also, worth checking out its lobby and the incredible decorations.

  3. Window shopping on the Fifth Avenue. img_9840We strolled around this famous strip on a Saturday before Christmas, which means the place was crowded with people doing their own shopping, and traffic as hectic as ever. It was quite difficult to find a spot to park, which by the way, is enforced in Manhattan on Saturdays.



    All the windows across the many shops looked amazing, especially the Cartier store on 52nd Street, one of my favorites. With its giant bow it is a true icon during Christmas. Another great store you don’t want to miss is Bergdorf Goodman and the amazing facade at Saks Fifth Avenue and their Christmas light show running every 15 minutes.

  4. Rolf’s German Restaurant.

    Get ready to squeeze in because this place is small and crowded. I don’t think you can find a spot in town with more Christmas decorations than this. There’s two ways to get in, either as bar walk in or with a reservation, which needs to be made at least two months in advance.


    We did the walk in and were able to take some interesting pictures.

  5. Rockefeller Center.img_0138img_0103img_0313Manhattan’s epicenter of Christmas along with its magnificent tree, skating rink and rows of angels with banners guarding the entrance. Quite a spot. We went there for Christmas eve.
  6. Dyker Heights.

    Get ready to make the trip to Brooklyn and witness six blocks of homes turned into amazing Christmas castles. Very special place. Traffic and parking can be an issue so be patient.

  7. Christmas caroling at Washington Square Park.

    This is a tradition that started 94 years ago. Essentially, New Yorker’s gather around the arch and sing carols together as they are lead by a small chorus. Children, seniors, and people from all walks of life caroling and worshiping our Saviour. It was a memorable time.

  8. Ice skating.

    Two of the most popular options include Wollman Rink in Central Park or Bryant Park. While Central Park is the most popular option.


    We like Bryant Park as it includes an outdoor food pavilion and Christmas markets. Plus, admission is free.

  9. Grand Terminal Central.

    Not to be missed. Check out their Holiday Fair and free train exhibition at the Transit Museum.

  10. 230 Fifth Rooftoop Bar. img_0317Heated and transparent igloos surround this chic venue located on the 20th level of this building on Fifth Avenue. The place offers amazing views of the NY skyline than can be enjoyed while sipping your favourite cocktail or drink. Great spot for brunch too.
    This video doesn’t exist

Well, this is all for now.  By the way, Happy New Year everyone. I wish you an amazing new year. May all your dreams, goals come true.

With Love,


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An easy way to take Care of your Hair, Skin & Nails… and it works!


Take care of your body from the inside, not just from the outside… simply nourish your body with, yes, gummies


Starting a new life in Canada and all that it entails created a little bit of stress in me. Adapting to different customs, knowing the culture and especially starting a new life as a family is just a few of the things that contributed to it. It was then when I noticed my hair was falling out beyond what’s considered normal. Also, my nails would easily break and my skin was dull. Hence, I started looking for a new Biotin-based alternative to correct these problems.

One day, I had a conversation with a colleague from work after I noticed a bottle on her desk. It was thanks to this conversation that I found the new love in my life (so to speak)!

This product has become part of my morning routine, honestly. These delicious gummies are now part of my everyday life. I keep two bottles, one at home and another at work.

Every morning I start my day with a hot cup of tea and then I open up a pink top bottle that contains these delicious gummies. It’s not only the great strawberry taste that I love but knowing that these vitamins are helping keep my hair, nails, and skin healthy.

I am convinced this is the single element that helped to prevent my hair from falling out anymore. I am not good when it comes to taking medications and clearly, this product is far from being one. That’s why I feel so comfortable eating these gummies twice a day. Sometimes I would have one after lunch, more like a dessert to treat myself. It’s definitely something I could easily accommodate to my lifestyle. To be honest, it was not until a few days later that I realized these gummies also contain vitamin C, E, and antioxidants. Also, regularly consuming them helps protect your bones and teeth. Plus, they help to metabolize your carbs… it’s like all in one!

It’s not only the great flavour that caught me. It’s also all the positive things this product does for my body. Now I feel my hair looks healthier, my nails stronger and my skin glowing.

Here are some benefits I found through my own usage of Nature’s Bounty:

  • Reduced hair loss
  • Shiny and healthy hair
  • Stronger nails
  • Healthy, radiant and smoother skin

How do you take care of yourself?


It’s Christmas time … Probably you are thinking of a perfect holiday gift for her… sister, daughter, BFF, wife, girlfriend, wife…  I encourage you to try it out.

You won’t regret it!


My hubby knows how I love my gummies … He spoils me!

Note: All opinions are 100% mine. This is not sponsored or part of any paid advertising campaign. I simply want to share my personal experience with a product that is working for me. You can find the whole info here https://www.naturesbounty.ca/our-products/womens-health/hair-skin-and-nails-gummies/en

Also, you can connect with the brand on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/p/BqiWCRwg9lr/

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Looking back over fall season… It was so fun!


Fall season is almost coming to an end, and for those of us who didn’t grow up in a country with four distinct seasons as Canada, watching the changing colours of leaves is something exciting. They first turn into bright yellow and then ochre. Others turn into scarlet and then fade away by becoming dark brown. These are new experiences for your eyes. Perhaps, for some this might be a routine process, the fact that nature slowly dies in order to prepare for the coming of winter. For those of us who enjoy the finest details of creation, we are still in awe.

Fall is that time of the year where fruit picking is the thing to do. Farms across the country see thousands of visitors pass through their gates as families enjoy harvests such as peaches, raspberries, apples and pumpkins. Pumpkins in particular are a fall classic. They come in many sizes and shapes and people would use them to decorate their homes – along with gerberas, haystacks, ochre and orange leaves – in an effort to celebrate its harvest season.

Pumpkins are also a family favourite as they’re used to carve Jack O’ Lanterns, a Halloween classic. Possibilities are endless if you want to get creative, and we usually enjoy carving my son’s favourite cartoon characters. Also, pumpkins are often used to make pumpkin pies, although we prefer to have an apple pie for dessert!

Fruit picking is not only a family activity but also one that can be enjoyed by couples. For instance, my oldest son enjoyed doing some apple picking with his friends this fall. They had a great time, took amazing pictures and enjoyed a delicious slice of apple pie with a cup of coffee to reward themselves for the arduous work.

Many of these fruit farms offer fun activities for small children as well, including corn mazes, haystacks, sandboxes, pony and tractor rides. Adults can also enjoy taking photographs, visiting the food market, and yes, going hot air ballooning!

This video doesn’t exist


One of my favourite activities during the fall is “leaf peeping”, also known as “foliage touring”. Essentially, people would hike some trails during the few weeks when leaves are falling. It’s a beautiful thing to see all those leaves fully covering the ground, creating a tapestry of beautiful colours. It’s amazing how many of these leaves would still look shiny, even when they’ve already fallen into the ground. Perhaps our lives should mimic those leaves, shining until the very last moment.

Now I’m wondering… what are your favourite activities during this lovely season?

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72 hours in “The Steel City” & “The Forest City”.



After a 4 1/2-hour drive from Toronto, we arrived in Pittsburgh. Our first stop was Randyland which is an art project located in the north side of the city.A968A97C-3E88-4BE5-B579-B12AA3C7730A Randyland is essentially a folk-art museum based on up cycling, which is the creative reuse of waste materials or unwanted products into new materials. Randy Gilson has dedicated over 23 years to this project and has benefited from the support of his community as well as some local charities.0FF236BD-A787-4792-B14A-D1DA18917B30


I was impressed when I found out Randy has never taken vacation in the last 30 years, as he wanted to focus in building his project.


The Gothic Revival skyscraper

To my amazement, my youngest had a blast at the Cathedral of Learning which is a true gem located at the University of Pittsburgh campus.

This gothic-style building awes visitors with its four amazing common rooms, majestic arches, as well as hand-carved stone work including poems and flowers.

Notably, this building features over a dozen classrooms each of them dedicated to a different country. I really enjoyed seeing my son running through the halls and stopping at each classroom door to read the corresponding name: “The English Room”, “The Korean Room”,  etc.CDB88598-681B-45E1-AC1D-45C72B596AB2 The decoration and architecture of each room would be inspired in the cultures that had an influence on Pittsburgh’s growth. When we entered the French room, my little one pretended he was a professor giving a lecture and was able to say a few words in French! Being inside of this true great gothic building I felt I was transported to the early twentieth century.A51D5292-1B4C-4B75-8734-A0CAA3B37BEB
The Cathedral of Learning is the second-tallest educational building in the world after the University of Moscow’s main building.
On Saturday evening we strolled around the heart of Pittsburgh’s downtown as we were craving for an ice cream. We were lucky to find Millie’s, a place serving the most delicious stuff. I treated myself with a lemon coconut sorbet while my travel mates went with their chocolate shakes.EA2595AB-4158-4AF8-B7D6-AA1E73F1F228 Also, we had the chance to explore “Market Square”, a vivid spot in the heart of downtown. Adding to the fun, we came across a cool festival with live music, food and shop tents. In that same area, we were able to discover the PPG Place Plaza, a perfect spot to take break. With a fountain with over 140 water jets plus plenty of chairs, this lovely area is surrounded by the PPG buildings, which feature little glass towers on top making them look like 21st century castles.
Around 7:30 pm we headed to the Duquesne Incline which is an inclined plan railroad that climbs up Mt. Washington and where people enjoy the most stunning views of the city. My youngest was really excited to hop in the incline car as it was his first time riding this type of vehicle.

When we reached the top, we explored the station which featured a small museum with interesting exhibits and photographs of the city. Then we walked to the observation deck where we enjoyed most beautiful views of the city. The steel bridges along with the many boats sailing on each of the tree rivers looked impressive and were greatly complemented by the lights coming from the downtown building and nearby venues, including the PNC ballpark. Luckily, as we were getting ready to take the car back down we were told about a fireworks show taking place that night and so in the last minute we decided to stay a bit longer. This turned out to be a great decision as the show was stunning and added a bit more fun to our Pittsburgh experience.
“The fireworks”.

Sunday morning, we decided to explore Point State Park – such beautiful view of the city! This lovely spot is entrenched between three rivers (Ohio, Allegheny, Monongahela) and is crowned by a majestic fountain that refreshed visitors in what was a hot day. A huge green field is also a key element of this park and usually hosts cultural events and summer festivals.

After spending our morning at Point State Park, we headed to PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Our seats on the upper deck behind home plate offered amazing views of the Pittsburgh skyline as well as the surrounding rivers with many boats sailing around. It was really a fun experience, especially because it was the first baseball game my mother in law was attending. Truth is baseball is not a popular sport in her hometown (Bogota) as it is in other cities in Colombia such as Barranquilla, hometown of a few celebrities, including Shakira, Sofia Vergara, and Edgar Renteria aka “The Barranquilla baby”.


Our last minutes in Pittsburgh were spent exploring the former factory of the H. J. Heinz Company, home of the world-famous Heinz ketchup. Interestingly, the factory buildings – which encompass at least four blocks – have been transformed into residential spaces, now called Heinz Lofts. Strolling around this historic site was a nice way to put a finishing touch to our visit to the steel city.


“The Forest City”
Back in the highway we were now bound to Cleveland. After a two-hour drive we were already entering the city outskirts, but before venturing further into the city we made a quick stop at Brandywine falls, which make part of the Cuyahoga National Park.



Less than an hour later we were driving around downtown looking for place to grab a bite. We ended up at 4th street East, a small alley famous for its world-class dining options. http://www.east4thstreet.com/shop-dine-experience
Our choice for that evening was Lola Restaurant, which turned out to be fabulous. As I prepared to write this post, I found out Lola is home to Iron Chef’s Michael Symon’. Good to know! I think that explains the details on each table, the fancy decorations and of course the amazing food.

Right after Lola, we went to Playhouse Square, the second-largest theater complex in the US (after Lincoln Center) and home of the world’ largest outdoor chandelier. This magnificent piece was created in the 1920s.

Playhouse Square was set to be demolished 40 years ago and now it’s witnessing a renaissance that includes theatres and residences. Definitely worth a visit!
I love those glittering lights.
On the last day of our road trip we decided to further explore Cleveland landmarks, including downtown’s Pubic Square where we visited the neighboring Tower City Center, Renaissance Hotel, and Old Stone church.

At the heart of Cleveland’s Public Square lies the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, a marvelous piece of work commemorating the American Civil War. One thing that wrapped our attention was the small museum located inside the monument and its surrounding walls listing the names of the thousands of people who fought the war. I have to confess I was surprised with my little son’s knowledge of history my as he quickly identified Abraham Lincoln in one of the monuments.
Soon it was lunch time for which my husband took us to the West Side Market, home of the Parisian-style Crepes de Luxe. Truly recommended!

For dessert we walked a couple of blocks from the market to Mitchell’s Ice Cream (mitchellshomemade.com), a true oasis in the middle of a hot summer day. Not only we enjoyed our treats but also the views of their factory where you can see the elaboration process. Mitchell’s is located in a former theatre, then nightclub from the early 1900s, and has been home to this famous ice cream shop for over 65 years.

While It was about time to drive back to Toronto, we stretched our time in Cleveland for a quick visit to the Rock and Roll hall of Fame building where we took some cool pics of its front sign – LONG LIVE ROCK.


It was then time to say our goodbyes to Cleveland, with a “full belly and a happy heart” as Colombians would say. After all, your perspective changes when all your basic needs are met, especially when body and mind have been nourished.


With Love

Andrea 🌸

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Trip to Chichen-itzá


It’s around 6:55am on Tuesday and a white van picks us up at the resort lobby. Inside the vehicle we find four more people with whom we have something in common, we all speak Spanish. Surprisingly, there’s also a blonde German girl doing the tour along with her partner, a guy who looked like he was Hispanic.

And so, a three-hour ride began. Our destination? Chichen Itza, the world-famous Mayan city and ruins located west of Riviera Maya in the Yucatan peninsula. During the ride, our guide, Victor, made an effort to keep us awake by talking about the many aspects of Maya culture. In the process some people managed to take a nap, including me! Finally, we arrived to Chichen, right on time and way before the morning rush. Later that morning we found out this was the smart thing to do, as the place would be packed on our way out.

I will leave all the historic details to the multiple great books and reviews that have been written about this fascinating site. On a personal level, I can say I was impacted by the skill and precision displayed in each building we visited. It was simply staggering to see how smart this people were and the kind of technology they were able to develop.


By looking at El Castillo – a temple pyramid dedicated to Kukulkan, the feathered serpent you can witness the incredible kind of people the Maya were, as they were able to build such as majestic limestone structure without having the wheel. Also, consider the fact El Castillo is a physical representation of the Mayan calendar, which is nearly as accurate as ours. While listening to Victor, our guide, I also learned the Maya were highly resourceful and skilled when using their rustic tools. I can’t imagine the amazing things this people would be able to build with today’s technology!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t climb the stairs since access is restricted for safety reasons and conservation purposes. That said, I took lots of pictures and walked around it in order appreciate its majesty from different angles.



Another structure that called my attention was the ball court, the largest found in Mesoamerica. Interestingly,players weren’t allowed to use their hands to play, just their shoulders and legs. Matches would be played for hours, and some would last a couple of days until one of the two teams managed to kick the ball through one of the two rims placed on the side walls bordering the court. Sadly enough, members of the losing team would be beheaded as an offering to their gods!



Other structures and monuments the Maya built at Chichen Itza were dedicated to their many gods,including fertility and war. Essentially, there are more than a dozen structures in the city, which would take the savviest archeology fan a couple of days to visit. In our case, we opted for the express tour, and thus spent about two hours visiting the main buildings.

My favorite place after Chichen Itza was our trip to a cenote, one of the thousands of natural wells scattered across the Yucatan Peninsula. 51F0DBED-CB31-4979-AA27-8FC8ADE842CDThese formations were the result of underground rivers breaking through the limestone surface. To access the bottom of a cenote, you will need to walk down the steps that go deep down the rock. There, you will find a large cavern with high ceilings and dripping water, which makes the steps a bit slippery. Once you reach the bottom and jump into the water, you might notice it’s a bit chilly, which feels great after having spent hours walking around the ruins and enduring the heat.

4ECB1631-5094-4A98-9B46-33172F5055C2While I didn’t dive into the water – I didn’t have my bathing suit with me – my husband did. In the meantime, I had some fun recording videos and took some pics. It’s really amazing how the sunlight penetrates the cenote from the top and reaches the water at the bottom. How beautiful is God’s creation!

After leaving the cenote, we went for a much-needed lunch at a local restaurant. While enjoying the exquisite Yucatan cuisine, we had the chance to see a Jarana daAE8A0604-367D-4A26-8FCC-A0D0B41F79DBnce performance which turns out to be a mixture of Mayan and Spanish elements is. Dancers would perform in beautiful costumes while carrying trays with beer bottles on their heads.

Our last stop that day was in a small town called Valladolid. Just like any typical Mexican town, it featured a big square (plaza) surrounded by colourful buildings, including the lovely “Ochre” yellow colour. We also went to a few shops selling Mexican silver, souvenirs and of course, tequila.

After Valladolid, we headed back to our resort, where we were welcomed by a fruity cocktail. Much needed to cool off after a long day venturing outside!





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