3 Places to Visit in Montreal During the Weekend

  1. Old Montreal
  2. Montreal Botanical Gardens
  3. Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

Last weekend we did a short road trip to this amazing city to celebrate my birthday. I’ve been there a few times before so I want to share with you this experience. You can visit many places in Montreal during a weekend, and the best thing is that it’s just a 6 hour-drive from Toronto!

Old Montreal (Vieux Montreal)

The city has a unique European Style that captivates the view of anyone. There are fours ways to get from to Old Montreal, either by subway, bus, taxi or simply by foot. On our first day we drove there and parked in at Complex Desjardins which is the closest mall. Alternatively, you can walk to “Vieux- Montreal” and find a spot in the street. On Sunday because of the Bike Tour we couldn’t use our car, so we took the subway to Place-d’Armes.

We spent most of our Sunday eating, visiting and exploring the most important historical buildings such as Quartier International of Montreal and walking around its pretty streets at Ville-Marie and Bonsecour Market

In a previous trip we have visited the famous Notre-Dame, however this time we found out there is a free tour of the “Notre_dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel” which lets you walk up to the roof top and enjoy the most amazing views of “Rue-Port-Of-Montreal”

Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanique)

Located just minutes from downtown Montreal and near the Biodome at the northern Plateau Mont-Royal, we strolled around this beautiful place, including the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. A quick note: my husband read an article that said 50 Chinese labour men built out this authentic Chinese Garden which is a genuine replica of this amazing garden. w.Wthout words is a great experience to live!! In every corner you can feel the sensation your are at China. Walking straight ahead you will face a Japanese garden, that is a quiet with many typical Japanese decoration around the pods.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

It is an uphill minor basilica in Montreal, Quebec. You can access by car, there is free parking at the top or by bus service provided. The modern and majestic church was one of the highlight of our visit to mont Royal this time. Very peaceful and serene inside. However the opposite outside since you can enjoy of the young people goes to see the sunset many groups enjoining the panoramic view of the city. It is worth seeing!!.

Hopefully this short road trip could be your guide in your next road trip.

With love


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