La Candelaria

In the very heart of Bogota lies its historic center, La Candelaria. It can be recognized for its colourful houses, beautiful views of the mountains around the neighborhood, red rooftops and bell towers. But this is not all. La Candelaria has more.

  1. Plaza de Bolivar. Translated to English it would something like “Bolivar Square”. It’s Bogota’s grand central square where you can admire historical landmarks, with beautiful architecturally imposing buildings such as Palacio de Justicia, and enjoy free cultural activities and music concerts. Crowning the plaza you will find the National Cathedral which is a Roman Catholic church building located on the eastern side of Plaza de Bolivar.img_6649
  2. Chorro de Quevedo. It is most likely to be the first Spanish settling of the city where its founder, Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, had 12 houses built along with a small chapel. This area is both residential and commercial, with plenty of colonial houses as well as restaurants and bars.
  3. Hotel de la Opera,Located among the Colon theater and Manuelita Saenz house is one of the colonial hotels in the city, historic building with bright and spacious public areas,6a7647aa-164d-4a13-907d-5db26736b29f you can enjoy a panoramic view over the rooftops and bell towers in El Mirador.There is live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Enjoy exquisite Mediterranean cuisine at La Scala.
  4. Bolivar Square and the National Cathedral are only 2 blocks away. Several classic churches from the 16th century, Botero Museum and the Gold Museum can be reached after a short walk.
  5. Graffiti walking tours, we were surprised with the new amount of art along the sidewalks. It was just so pretty and colorful. small alleys and sidewalks had drawings and messages on.Museums, Museo del Oro contains the largest gold collection in South America, also Museo Botero with his own private collection the paintings and sculptures of renowned Colombian artist Botero you can appreciate some Picasso, Claude Monet, Chagall and Henri Matisse. It is free.My final note: If you want to enjoy the most amazing panoramic views of the city just go to Mount Monserrate.

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