My favorite coffee shops at the 6ix

img_4839Coffee, tea, or latte time. Is it a need or a wish?. Well, I am not sure at all, but am always looking forward to it.

I’ve been visiting some places in Toronto. Sometimes I would be looking for a refreshing drink but honestly, this habit has turned into an activity that helps me discover great spots where I can take cool pictures which I then use for my feed. This is a great opportunity to share information about new places to visit as well as new experiences with family & friends. Am I the only one? I don’t think so…

I would like to share with you some cute places. Hopefully, you might find this information useful next time you venture out to experience the 6ix. I know there are thousands of fancy coffee shops around but this is only a list of my favourite spots, the ones I have had the chance to visit so far.  img_3709

No matter what season is, our preference is the same all year long. My youngest usually would order hot chocolate, my hubby goes with a dark roast and I go for a matcha or chai tea latte. In my case, always served with almond or coconut milk. Please keep this a secret; regular milk kills my stomach!

My top five coffee shops and … the fanciest (in my humble opinion):

1. Balzac – 43 Hanna Avenue


We frequently go to the Distillery District where we usually stop at Balzac, one of the many in this great chain of coffee shops. Also, at the District we normally check out whatever fair or market is around, eat at a restaurant, attend events or simply stroll around. This time, we decided to visit a different Balzac location, the one in Liberty Village. In my opinion, this is the prettiest of all three, plus, it is 100% Instagramable. The floor tiles makes it really cute with its colours and design. The tables and high chairs by the big windows are a special spot to take incredible flat layouts as natural light perfectly fills this corner of the building. There is also a gorgeous view from the street outside as well as every wall of this coffee shop. I definitely love matcha tea latte and I’ve been trying it in many different places so I can say this one was really GOOD.


2. Jimmy’s Coffee – 15 Ossington Avenue


We went to a new location which is minutes away from the “The Great Hall Palace”.  The best coffee in my humble opinion. I am not a coffee connoisseur, but my hubby knows a thing or two and has a good notion of what coffee is good or not to taste. He really loved the coffee here. This place is also so cute, definitely a cozy workspace for students and meetings. There is a pretty fireplace in the center of the social area with a lights cascade. From there you can appreciate the large and comfortable seating area. I also liked the offer free WiFi for guests. You can definitely spend some quality time with your friends for long hours without any pushing, all because the environment is simply warm for everyone. It’s a great place to take amazing photos, for instance, the bar in the front near to the street window, the seating area with a huge bookshelf by the fireplace, or simply the middle of the hall. The decoration is also amazing a comes with its own style. 100% Instagramable place.

3. Boxcar social,


This coffee shop, in particular, is the kind of place you can hang out all day long. It offers a perfect combination of stools and wood banquettes for seating. When it’s freezing outside during the cold season, they serve the most exquisite hot chocolate, which is smooth and very choco. During the evening, they serve some wines and even a charcuterie board. They also have an enormous list of whiskeys. I have never tried their cocktails but they offer a large variety. Something special caught my attention and that is a large display collection on a wall in a beautiful rack. In my opinion, this place is 100% Instagramable, every corner is pretty. The walls on the seating area are also beautiful and very well painted. The washroom doors are crazy, so don’t forget to check them out.

4. Mövenpick Cafe Toronto – 42 Yonge St.


It’s a chic and warmly-lit European cafe in downtown Toronto. They have a decent selection of pastries, salads, sandwiches & coffee. When I read the profile on their website I thought: should I go there? absolutely yes! So we went for a coffee after Mother’s Day lunch celebration. My adorable children spoiled me a lot that day and we wrapped up our time together at this very spot. To be honest,  it felt like an authentic expression of French style in the heart of the city.  And yeah, it’s not a big place but still an enjoyable and charming spot! 100% Instagramable with beautiful tables for flat- layout photos, surrounded by great decorations on every wall.


5. Dineen, 140 Yonge St.


The building is one of the oldest structures in Toronto. In fact, it’s listed as a Toronto Heritage Property. They offer plenty of options, including coffees, teas, and iced drinks. It’s a great excuse to make the trek to Toronto and experience the city from one of the most beautiful corners downtown. We went with my hubby and youngest as part of our ritual to end the weekend, after a photo shooting day downtown. We also enjoyed delicious pastries there. Without a doubt, Dineen is a place to take amazing pics for your IG feed.

With love


Please leave your comments about your favourite coffee shop experience… I promise I will visit as soon as I can!





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