Looking back over fall season… It was so fun!


Fall season is almost coming to an end, and for those of us who didn’t grow up in a country with four distinct seasons as Canada, watching the changing colours of leaves is something exciting. They first turn into bright yellow and then ochre. Others turn into scarlet and then fade away by becoming dark brown. These are new experiences for your eyes. Perhaps, for some this might be a routine process, the fact that nature slowly dies in order to prepare for the coming of winter. For those of us who enjoy the finest details of creation, we are still in awe.

Fall is that time of the year where fruit picking is the thing to do. Farms across the country see thousands of visitors pass through their gates as families enjoy harvests such as peaches, raspberries, apples and pumpkins. Pumpkins in particular are a fall classic. They come in many sizes and shapes and people would use them to decorate their homes – along with gerberas, haystacks, ochre and orange leaves – in an effort to celebrate its harvest season.

Pumpkins are also a family favourite as they’re used to carve Jack O’ Lanterns, a Halloween classic. Possibilities are endless if you want to get creative, and we usually enjoy carving my son’s favourite cartoon characters. Also, pumpkins are often used to make pumpkin pies, although we prefer to have an apple pie for dessert!

Fruit picking is not only a family activity but also one that can be enjoyed by couples. For instance, my oldest son enjoyed doing some apple picking with his friends this fall. They had a great time, took amazing pictures and enjoyed a delicious slice of apple pie with a cup of coffee to reward themselves for the arduous work.

Many of these fruit farms offer fun activities for small children as well, including corn mazes, haystacks, sandboxes, pony and tractor rides. Adults can also enjoy taking photographs, visiting the food market, and yes, going hot air ballooning!

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One of my favourite activities during the fall is “leaf peeping”, also known as “foliage touring”. Essentially, people would hike some trails during the few weeks when leaves are falling. It’s a beautiful thing to see all those leaves fully covering the ground, creating a tapestry of beautiful colours. It’s amazing how many of these leaves would still look shiny, even when they’ve already fallen into the ground. Perhaps our lives should mimic those leaves, shining until the very last moment.

Now I’m wondering… what are your favourite activities during this lovely season?

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Feeling the community spirit! 


Shop, dine and enjoy over six blocks of free family-friendly event in the big celebration of retail shops in downtown Oakville aka Midnight Madness. Delicious food, many restaurants and stores opening their doors to welcome thousands of people on a summer night, with live music.

Around 6:30 pm we walked into a nice place to reconnect & relax. The “Yellow Door Studio” store is a beautiful – luxury decorated nail studio and lounge bar located in the heart of old Oakville. I love the concept and decoration.


During the event we took some pictures at the selfie wall and got the Polaroid pic, drank some lemonade, wine in their original stand while people inside the bar were enjoining the night and pampering themselves, is a place not just for women is even for men.


YDS Stand

After that I went to one of the main stores in the street, Mendocino.  It was packed and busy because of the Midnight Madness festival. It was crazy trying to get a jumpsuit, almost everything was on sale so the long line to pay took some time.

Strolling around we saw a couples dancing on the streets, musical performances, many activities for children and adults to catch the attention of people while promoting their businesses.

There is another store in the same street, Anthropologie A19719E6-4539-441A-A1FD-8983D09E35DEwhich is very original, its boho–chic style is really pretty.        I love to walk in to see the new trends and collections. the details in its decoration captivate  my attention.

Festivalgoers enjoy in the company of family and friends while they stroll around and their children play in the many entertainment spots located across Lakeshore Road.

My husband and my youngest always love to eat the most famous hot dog in town. This year we discovered ice cream sandwich waffles, which were huge. Well, 10:30 pm it’s time to go home.


My summer outfit :

Dress : Suzy Shzer

Slide Sandals : Ralph Lauren ( I got them at the Hudson bay – 50% off)

Handbag : Kate Spade

Earing :Dynamite

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Meet Me


Hi there, I’m Andrea De La Torre. That’s how people recognize me. However, my nickname is “Pocahontas”. Let me tell you something more about me. A few years ago I started posting on social media as a way to explore new things, new tools in the digital world and also have fun. I’ve been doing this through my personal accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I started doing this simply to be part of what then was a new way of getting connected with others. But as a marketer/businesswoman, I’m always looking for new trends and yes, challenges. That’s why in 2015 I went back to school. I went U of T to get a certificate in Digital Marketing and had the opportunity to study these new tools and channels at the professional level while doing some networking in the process. I really enjoyed it. Actually, I would definitely come back to the academic world sometime again in the future!

The thing is, a very specific idea has been floating in my head for the past few weeks. While building my Instagram follower base I decided it would be exciting to start my own personal lifestyle blog,  and that’s what I’m doing! At first, I thought I’d start blogging about my last trip but then I decided I would share with you a little bit about me first so you could know me better. Yay!

That being said, in the upcoming blog entries, you can expect to be immersed in my life experiences, travels, restaurant trips, and shopping sprees. More than registering my own memories this would be a good opportunity to share my thoughts with you. I am very excited to start this new adventure – my own personal lifestyle blog.

See you around!

With love, Andrea

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